Collisions: Langara Design Formations grad show

Langara Design Formations finishes the year with ‘Collisions’

‘Collisions’ brings 2D and 3D designs into perspective

What does it look like when a 2D object hits a 3D one? You can find out at the Langara’s design formation grad show,Collision, which will show at Langara starting April 3.

The title Collision hints at the multidisciplinary format of the program, in which students create pieces that run the gamut from 2D prints to 3D sculptures.

Design formation program head Marcela Noriega said the show draws inspiration from the cube. “You can see [the cube] as a 2D form or you can see it in perspective, inside or out. The idea behind it is the collision of these two worlds, 2D and 3D.”

Langara’s main foyer will ‘Pop’ during grad shows

The show will be held in Langara’s Pop gallery, a temporary gallery that will be in the main foyer of Building A until the end of May.

These kinds of pop-up galleries are the industry standard for accommodating travel and dwindling gallery spaces, said Tomo Tanaka, chair of creative arts.

Bridging the gap between students and employers

Collision is the final school exhibit for these students before graduation.

“The idea is that [it’s an opportunity for] people from the industry get to know the grads, and some of them get contacts later and get to go for jobs,” Noriega said.

Mostly though, Collision bridges the gap between study and practice, Noriega said. Students show their work in a professional gallery setting that is student-driven from concept to fruition.

Everything from the theme of the show to the works included – right down to the curtains and carpets used on opening night – is a culmination of planning and design by the students themselves, said Noriega.

“The exhibit is completely conceived and produced by them and that gives them the confidence that they can do it.”